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All UK telephone exchanges to move into ‘stop-sell’ in 2023

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The PSTN switch-off, also known as All IP, moves into a critical phase.
in September 2023, a nationwide ‘stop-sell’ of PSTN services will be implemented by Openreach. But what does this mean for our clients?

  1. Openreach (the owners of the exchanges and cabinets) will stop selling new lines to telephone network providers. This has been happening in tranches since 2021, but in September this year it will happen to all new lines, everywhere.
  2. Telephone network providers will start upgrading existing and new customers to new services that operate via a smart router instead of the telephone socket. This means PSTN based alarms will fail and need to be upgraded.
  3. Although Openreach are only stopping the sale of new lines, the telephone network providers are upgrading existing customers as well to get them ready for the final switch off in 2025


In other words, the PSTN switch-off has already started! Telephone network providers have been upgrading customers in approximately 400 exchanges for the past couple of years. In March 2023, 46 additional UK exchanges go into ‘stop-sell’, bringing the number of premises affected to 4 million. Between now and September 2023, 279 more exchanges will follow, bringing the total premises affected to 6 million.

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Does your fire and security system use an analogue telephone line?

If your Fire & Security system uses an analogue telephone line to send it’s signal this needs to be upgraded now before all UK analogue lines are switched off.

Contact us today to find out how we can upgrade your system and provide you with even greater resilience and peace of mind.

All IP & the UK’s Fire & Security Industry

For Fire & Security Installers in the UK, the all IP network upgrade means no more PSTN to support older signalling systems that previously relied on analogue lines or copper to the exchange.

End-users will receive a letter from their telephone line provider notifying them that their local exchange is being upgraded to all IP and a smart router is on the way which will replace their master phone socket. There may be an option to rewire the signalling system to the new smart router, however, it’s disruptive and has an unreliable power source. Chariot Fire and Security want to help you keep your signalling base working.

Contact us today to find out how we can upgrade your system and provide you with even greater resilience and peace of mind.

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