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Fire alarms installed by Chariot Fire and Security

Fire Protection

Chariot Fire and Security Systems design, installation,  service and maintain the latest technology in fire protection systems, ranging from small conventional fire alarm systems right through to large addressable systems.

All our fire alarm systems are installed to the latest BS5839-Part 1 2002 standards.

These systems can be adapted to comply with all the DDA, by allowing the facility for strobes, vibrating pillows and pager systems and many other products.

The fire alarm systems can be monitored 24/7 via our alarm receiving center to provide keyholder or brigade response.

Our systems have been installed in a variety of locations ranging from public sector, commercial, industrial and domestic premises including care homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, doctors surgeries, schools, colleges, nurseries, distribution warehouses, offices, estate agents, HMO, public houses, car showrooms, industrial units, new development building sites, water treatment sites, opticians, shopping centres and many others.

What is a fire protection system?

A fire protection system refers to the measures taken to reduce the effects of potentially destructive fires. To reduce the impact to save lives and property. This involves the suppression of a fire by means of using the correct fire extinguisher or method and is regulated by law.

Fire protection measures can include:

  • Implementing safety planning.
  • Conducting fire drills and practices.
  • Providing education on fire risks and safety.
  • using fire-resistant building construction materials and best practices.
  • Safe operations of equipment.
  • Training and testing.


In addition to fire extinguishers and fire blankets, fire protection systems include the installation of fire alarms and smoke detectors.

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