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Chariot Fire and Security - Smartphone notifications

Smartphone notifications

Take your security to the next level with our integrated tablet or smartphone notification for your intruder alarm, fire protection or CCTV. Our iOS and Android app gives you the reassurance that your alarm has armed correctly, and you will be notified instantly of any incident on your device.

From the app you can check your alarm is correctly armed, if not you’ll be able to do it right there and then. Perhaps you had a visitor or cleaner and you want to let them in, you can quickly disarm it for them then re-arm if after they have left.

Any number of mobile devices can be added to your account allowing you to have full control of your systems and receive instant event alerts. Added security means that even if someone manages to get hold of your user code, password and control panel details they still wouldn’t be able to take control of your system as their phone wouldn’t be authorised for access.

Take your security to the next level

With our smartphone notifications app you can control your intruder alarm and security system on the go giving you an added layer of security.

How can smartphone notifications help me?

Depending on the type of system you have installed smartphone notifications can:

  • Alert you when your alarm system is activated or deactivated by staff.
  • Alert you when you burglar alarm is triggered by an intruder.
  • Alert you when someone enters a designated area.
  • Alert you if CO2, gas, smoke, temperature and flood detectors are triggered.
  • Email you photographs, or allow you to stream live video to your phone from inside your property when the system is activated.
  • Connected video cameras can have two-way voice functionality built-in, meaning you can speak to whoever’s in the property as well as see and hear what’s going on?
  • Streaming live video from inside the property to your phone can be a useful solution for those concerned about elderly parents living home alone.

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