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Chariot Fire and Security - Disabled and nurse call

Disabled and Nurse Call

Our Disabled and Nurse call system is quick to install, simple to use with exceptional aftercare: making us the ideal choice for your re-assurance.

Chariot Fire and Security Systems design, install, service and maintain a various range of disabled and nurse call systems.

We install wired and wireless systems from the very basic right through to the large complex multi zoned nurse call systems, giving you the facility to know when your client or staff require assistance at all times.

We also provide a wide range of staff attack systems. These systems can be wired or wireless, providing your staff with the safe knowledge that they can call for assistance whenever they are in a potentially threatening situation.

Our systems have been installed in a variety of locations ranging from public sector, commercial and domestic premises such as care homes, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, doctors surgeries, schools, colleges and nurseries.


What is a Disabled and Nurse Call System?

A Disable and Nurse Call system is designed to enable staff, patients, residents or members of the public to call for assistance from staff, nurses, doctors, wardens, colleagues or any other designated person. These systems are usually installed in care, nursing and residential  homes, hospitals, disabled and office toilets, doctors surgeries or any other public or private situation where assistance may be required. 

These systems can also be used where there is a danger of attack or any other place where a person may need to call for help.

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