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Smoke cloaks installed by Chariot Fire and Security

SmokeCloak security fog

Most property loss occurs in the first few moments of a break-in. With SmokeCloak  installed on the premises, within seconds of a break-in, using cutting edge technology, the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog providing an effective barrier, hiding your valuables within seconds and forcing the intruders to leave the premises empty handed.

The cloud of fog created is completely harmless and the protected area typically takes just a few minutes to completely clear once ventilated.

The SmokeCloak devices are extremely reliable and have a range of safety systems to prevent any false activations. All installations go through a stringent ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Intruder's can't steal what they can't see

SmokeCloak works best in conjunction with a commercial security system. Our engineers have experience installing a full range of security measures, including intruder alarms, burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. With over 30 experience our engineers have built a reputation for quality and service and we are proud to say that a large number of our customers come from recommendation.

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