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Chariot Fire looks a ways to automate your home

Automating the home

What is home automation?

Automating the home enables a chain of actions to take place from a single event.

Let’s say someone walks up to your front door, it triggers your doorbell camera’s motion detector. With home automation set up, the doorbell camera can record the visitor and switch on the porch and hallway lights simultaneously, making it safer for both parties or even to give the impression that you’re home when you’re not.

In short, home automation involves controlling devices within the home, remotely and automatically for added convenience.

The benefits of home automation

2. Improved security
One of the biggest benefits of home automation is improved security. With home automation set up, users can see exactly who is approaching the home – whether at home or away. Rest assured you’ll be notified immediately every time, so preventative action can always be taken as soon as possible.

2. Round the clock control from a single interface
By utilising purpose built apps, users can manage and control their security systems faster and more efficiently; putting them in control of their security, safety, and comfort, in and outside of the home.

3. Energy savings and remote control of home appliances
Smart plugs enable users to save and monitor energy at home with remote access to power devices on and off – with home automation, you can schedule certain devices in the home to activate and switch off at certain times to save energy.

4. Remote control of home appliances
Along with energy saving, home automation allows for remote control of home appliances. Check to see if the lights have been left on by accident or find out who is at your front door with instant video verification.

5. Looking to the future
Home automation is here to stay. There’s a huge amount of customer interest for IoT devices and smart home technology; that means tech companies and innovators (like us!) are constantly evolving their offerings to meet demand, which in turn means bigger and better smart home technology is continually being released. To stay relevant in this growing market, getting to grips with home automation now will set you up nicely for the future.

Getting started with an integrated smart security and home automation solution

Chariot Fire and Security offer a range of products for just about every room, inside and outside, that work well for smart security and home automation purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the products we can install for you.

Light camera installed by Chariot Fire and Security

The LightCamera is an easy addition to existing outdoor lighting. It can be fitted as a standalone solution, or integrated within the other systems to not only illuminate the property and put intruders in the spotlight, but also provide active defence capabilities alongside voice push notifications, video verification and more. It is fitted with a 270 degree PIR sensor and provides every property with constant omnidirectional protection, whilst its 1080p Full-HD video provides clear and crisp images day and night, giving users the visual confirmation they need to take action. 

Intruder control panel

Intruder control panel
The Enforcer V11 is one of our all-in-one two-way wireless Grade 2 control panels, ideal for any residential or small-commercial use. It’s our most advanced system released to date and delivers real added value with every installation; security, automation and video that can be tailored, controlled, scheduled and delivered for any user preferences.

The system provides complete installation flexibility, with wireless and hybrid capability to provide a solution that works for your customers. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi built onboard enables quick connection to the customers’ existing router, while app-connectivity enables them to control and manage the system from one simple-to-use interface.

Outdoor Detectors

The XDL12TT-WE is one of the two-way wireless outdoor detector (IP55 rating) Chariot Fire and Security install, which is easy, flexible and non-invasive to install; there’s no need to dig up the garden or drill through walls for wiring or to set-up! The real genius of this product is that it can be adapted to suit coverage. Each lens can be restricted with inserts to adapt coverage area. For example, if the property is close to a main road or path with footfall, it can be adapted to reduce any false alarms.


The MCEXTERNAL-WE is an outdoor magnetic contact, designed to secure properties by protecting gates, outbuildings and sheds. The IP66 rated device covers gaps up to 70mm and as soon as a gate is opened, the user is made aware via push notifications on our apps. What’s more, it can be linked to cameras for video verification, allowing you to create additional layers of protection to your security offering, with the user notified and able to then see what’s happening and take proactive action.

The NANO/SHOCK-WE is Grade 2 accelerometer device with excellent wireless range and 2 years battery life. It’s been designed to fit inside uPVC frames to detect the opening of doors and windows. With superfast, wireless installation and calibration features such as auto-orientation and pin-hole sensitivity setup with LED indication, the NANO/SHOCK-WE is a fantastic addition to your home automation set-up.

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